Our Food


Speedy Grab+Go pots for those hard at work

Seeking affordable, tasty, nutritious and convenient food

With little brain time to think about it


Flavours inspired by multi-cultural London

Think punchy Jerk and sassy Satay

Smoky Chilli and fragrant Asian aspects


HotPots and SaladPots, all year round

Stays fresh 3-4 days stored in a fridge

Saving time, money and brain ache


Each pot has up to 5 of your 5 a day

A balanced meal with a full nutritional breakdown

And specific benefits, from Hi Energy to Lo Sat Fat


Half the menu is Vegetarian and Vegan

Most pots are Gluten Free and Dairy Free...



...but defintely not flavour free 

Hi Veg Lo Meat

Layers of fresh veg, complex carbs and protein

A new ratio of Hi veg Lo meat

All natural, no nasties, no boring bites

Stealth Health

Delicious, nutritious and slightly seditious

HiLo pots fly the flag for stealth health

Tasty food that’s better for you and for our planet


Livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming

By using less but better quality free-range meat

We help lower the carbon footprint


Made in our Whitechapel kitchen with care

Prioritising British produce, using eco packaging

Reducing food miles, costs and waste

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