Testing testing: A new deal to save on HiLo

We say: A flexible way to get your HiLo fill

You say: I'm flying Hi(Lo)

The joy of being a food start-up is being small and nimble enough to try different things. The challenge is finding out what sticks. While making Hi flavour Lo footprint food is the backbone of what we do, getting people to try something new is the only way it’ll actually have legs.

Our latest round of feedback shows many of you love eating HiLo and want to buy in bulk a lot of the time. But being mobile workers and travelling lots means you can’t always commit to buying 3 pots weekly, so the 342 deal doesn’t work for everyone. We’re keen to feed as many of you as we can so we’re testing a new offer, inspired by Frequent Flyers Club, manifesting as Frequent Buyers Club. See what we did there.

The deal

- 25% discount, minimum order 2 pots (£10)
- No upper limit, order as many pots as you want for yourself / your team (remember HiLo pots stay fresh for 3-4 days)
- Free delivery on Mondays before 12pm at our delivery hubs or within 5 mins walk

The terms

- You need to buy a minimum of 3 times per month to qualify for 25% discount
- Card payment only (no Direct Debit)
- Invite only, the discount only works with your email address

Our delivery hubs

WeWork Primrose Street EC2A 2EX                                               WeWork Waterhouse Square EC1N 2SW                                       WeWork Old Street N1 6DR                                                                       Huckletree Finsbury Square EC2A 1AH                                       Trampery Republic E14 2BE                                                       Trampery Old Street EC1V 9EY                                                       Chapel Place EC2A 3DQ                                                                 Heron Tower EC2N 4AY                                                                       The Office Group, Whitechapel E1 7QA                                               The Office Group, Borough SE1 1JA                                          

Order deadline for Monday deliveries is 6pm every Sunday. As well as saving you cashola, by pre-ordering HiLo you’re helping reduce food waste as we only make what’s been ordered. Hi fives all round. 

How to try FBC

Click here, quote FBC and we'll add your email to the list. We’re testing FBC now and throughout the summer so would love to know what you think. Contact Jasper with any queries. Here’s to flying Hi(Lo).