First Bite with Charlie: lifting the lid on stealth health

“Creamy, dreamy, peanut weenie”

“I don’t miss the chicken”

“HiLo yay or nay? HiLo erry day”

Here’s another right Charlie. Another tofu curious grafter (no judgement please) who is one of the legends who run Ministry of Startups and dad to resident pup Luna AKA @lunathestinkbomb. An early pot adopter and 342 subscriber, Charlie is a HiLo fan who keeps coming back for more but he also keeps it real, giving us straight up, honest feedback.

We asked Charlie to help us experiment with ways to convey what eating HiLo is like. The result is this first cut of our new First Bite feature. Here’s his 49 seconds of fame, featuring one Satay Tofu Ricepot, awesome descriptives and a reminder of what happens when you eat food that makes you feel good. For Charlie, its pots to sing about (sorry).


Big thanks to Charlie for telling it straight yet wavy, erry day.

Fancy some (legal + tasty) pot action? Upload your #FirstBite of a HiLo pot, tagging @hilolondon, for the chance to win a week’s worth of pots. Then you too can be a HiLo pot head. Result.