Why The Third Plate is the one plate you really need on the table

 AKA The HiLo Bible

AKA The HiLo Bible

  • We can’t get enough of chef Dan Barbers

  • “If you're not about to fall, you're not really creating”

  • See what we mean?!  

We’re here to make sure you get your HiLo fix in more ways than one, feeding you mind, body and soul. Your support for our food startup is fantastic; it’s building a community that’s part of a wider movement demanding a sustainable future in food. So we figured you might be interested in some champions of change who have made a marked impact on us, starting with chef Dan Barber.

Dan is the head chef + owner of Blue Hill Manhattan and Blue Hill at the groundbreaking Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, New York, and is a man in search of fantastic flavours. Tasting menus served at Blue Hill are decidedly Hi veg and Lo meat, with the seasonal 6 course ‘Farmer’s Feast’ packed full of hand-picked, heirloom varieties of vegetables grown on the restaurant’s farm upstate. We’re talking about a man hell-bent on using his influence to change the World’s attitudes to farming, cooking and food waste all at the same time. No big deal…

 A plate at Blue Hill

A plate at Blue Hill

His book The Third Plate is an decisive manifesto for the future of food, rooted in over a decade of research and experimentation. He paints a realistic picture of a future that is sustainable, inclusive of all cultures and most importantly does not compromise on flavour. It’s an education in food that you don’t know you need, until you read it. Bonus points for being beautifully written and easy to read.

We discovered The Third Plate - thanks to a friend placing it in our hands - and just fell in love. When you’re head down building your food startup and juggling the work/life thing, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. This book just reinforces our passion for HiLo turning fast food upside down and makes us feel part of a bigger movement driving change across the food industry worldwide. Which feels pretty damn good.

Hungry for more? As well as being a world-renowned chef and globally published author, Dan is also a fantastic public speaker and has featured in a couple of popular TED talks - in this one entitled “How I fell in love with a Fish” he talks about discovering a modern, unexpected solution to the problem of depleted fish stocks and its importance for our planet. We promise laughs as well as inspiration.

You can also get your Dan fix on Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ Series 1 Episode 2, watch the preview here.

If you were one of the few who enjoyed Dan’s food at the wastED pop-up in Selfridges earlier this year, well, you can feel smug for good reason.

Needless to say, a trip to Stone Barns is on our Christmas wish list. But rereading The Third Plate might be the closest we get for now at least.