Dive into HiLo Pool for tasty lunch deliveries at your workplace

A HiLo Pool Party. Towels and forks provided, no banana hammocks please folks ;)

A HiLo Pool Party. Towels and forks provided, no banana hammocks please folks ;)

  • Our new bulk order service is your new friend with benefits 

  • Pool your resources to get HiLo the smart way

  • The first 5 workplaces to sign up get lip smackin’ savings on their orders

  • Get your fill of 2 pots from just £5 - that’s 50% off. Christmas is here early

Thanks to your feedback and rising demand we are introducing a new way to get your hands on HiLo with regular bulk orders to your workplace. James Corden’s carpool karaoke is sadly not included (we’re working on it ;) but it’ll make lunch better all the same.

Your support for our new adventure into the future of food is tremendous and helping to create real change. The least we can do is try to make it easier for you to the eat the good stuff when you need it most, to power through the last few months of 2017. Which let's face it, is likely to be pretty full on. 

Remember our pots stay fresh 2-3 days from delivery (all have best before dates) and are good for lunch and supper, so get a stash to keep you going. Move over UberPool, THIS is the pool you really need in your life.

Build your local HiLo Pool community

Tell your boss, building and community managers that you and your and workplace buddies want to eat better, with a lighter footprint and maximum deliciousness. Pretty reasonable really.

Pool Perks up for grabs

The first 5 workplaces to sign up get bootilicious benefits on their orders:

  • Free delivery (valid for every weekly/fortnightly order until til 20/12/17)

  • The 241 discount - that's 2 pots for the price of 1 - on your first HiLo Pool order in 2017

How to get involved

1. Contact tiffany@hilo.london to confirm HiLo Pool participation, agree delivery frequency, date and time. We’ll then create a delivery option for your workplace and 241 discount code for you to select when placing your order

2. Place your order here 

  • Review the menu and choose your pots
  • Enter the discount code 
  • Select your workplaces’ delivery option 
  • Pay for your individual order. Minimum order 1 pot per person

3. Collect your pots from your workplace lobby at the agreed day and time

The Small Print: Order deadline is 24hrs before delivery is due. Bulk orders are available 10am-12pm weekly/fortnightly/monthly. If you participate, you'll receive a reminder to order. Minimum of 20 pots ordered collectively at your workplace, per delivery; it doesn't have to be the same people every time.

Why choose HiLo

This 30 sec clip of The Trampery's Petra Hall tells you why HiLo makes her lunch better. Her lunch challenges might just resonate with yours.

Other options

You can also get HiLo by:

Lastly, a reminder we’ve paused trade at our Broadgate Circle shop, read why here. And our Old Street Station pop-up 03/11/17 :( 

Thanks again to Ellis Parrinder for the beaut pics of our pots. Head to his new website ellisparrinder.com and more delights.