You Told Us

HiLo started last year as an experiment. To test a hunch. And a hunger. To eat better. Without it being boring. To cook up a new normal in food. Nothing much then.

Thanks to the skills of Jasper, our kitchen maverick and food hacker, we dished out recipes and new foodie formulas to the good people at Ministry of Startups, where our development kitchen is based. 

Tiffany developed a temporary brand and comms plan, working with Natasha to make the most of the joys of Instagram to tell our fledgling story. And laugh. A lot.

We called the test ‘You Tell Us’ to encourage as much feedback as possible. And fortunately everyone who ate obliged. Digging through the comments and conversations, there were two clear messages:

  1. The food is delicious. “Banging” “Tasty” “Wholesome” “Filling” “Nutritious” and “Sexy” where some of our fave decrees
  2. The biggest point of difference and benefit is the high plant to low meat ratio. These people were up for eating less meat, they just didn’t want to compromise on taste

And nor do we. This is what drives us. And what led to our name, HiLo. The fact it rhymes with the seven dwarves tagline is an unexpected bonus. 

If you’re HiLo curious here’s how to get your hands on our pots

  • Grab + go from Ministry of Startups 3 days a week
  • Pre order delivery to your office (minimum 15 pots per delivery)
  • Watch this space for refrigerated vending machines, a mobile shop and wizard deliveries. Ok we lied about the last one but we reckon they’d be more fun than drones.

Info here

We asked and you answered, gawd bless ya. We love you London.