PotTalk with Petra: fast, fresh + affordable is her mantra

“I don’t want to make another decision about what to eat for lunch”

“It’s delicious, like the home cooked meal I don’t have time to make”

“Sooo busy businessizing around Shoreditch”

“I’d like to thank my mum….”

Meet Petra, who signed up as a tester during our pilot phase and has been buying ever since. She also coined the phrase ‘businessizing’ which makes us chortle. Alot.

As head of HQ at The Trampery Old Street and the fount of all knowledge (ALL), she’s on the go non-stop. HiLo has been created to fuel work/life/food demands like hers so we popped in to get her Hi opinionated Lo-down on our pots. Here’s her 30 seconds of fame…

We deliver to The Trampery and other work spaces in E1. Get in touch if you want to know how to get well fed. Better than well jel.

A whopping thank you to Petra and our playmate Helena Balls, who chose the The Trampery as HQ for her new business No Ordinary Suit and introduced us to Petra and the gang.

Warning: you might get lost lusting over Helena’s sassy Scandi-work-clothes-that-wanna-play. The good news is shifting from ‘browse’ to ‘basket’ will amp up your game in no ordinary way. So you’ll be ever so grateful for your Balls ;)

If you’re curious to hear more from Petra, here’s the 2 minute cut.


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