Why The Third Plate is the one plate you really need on the table

 AKA The HiLo Bible

AKA The HiLo Bible

  • We can’t get enough of chef Dan Barbers

  • “If you're not about to fall, you're not really creating”

  • See what we mean?!  

We’re here to make sure you get your HiLo fix in more ways than one, feeding you mind, body and soul. Your support for our food startup is fantastic; it’s building a community that’s part of a wider movement demanding a sustainable future in food. So we figured you might be interested in some champions of change who have made a marked impact on us, starting with chef Dan Barber.

Dan is the head chef + owner of Blue Hill Manhattan and Blue Hill at the groundbreaking Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, New York, and is a man in search of fantastic flavours. Tasting menus served at Blue Hill are decidedly Hi veg and Lo meat, with the seasonal 6 course ‘Farmer’s Feast’ packed full of hand-picked, heirloom varieties of vegetables grown on the restaurant’s farm upstate. We’re talking about a man hell-bent on using his influence to change the World’s attitudes to farming, cooking and food waste all at the same time. No big deal…

 A plate at Blue Hill

A plate at Blue Hill

His book The Third Plate is an decisive manifesto for the future of food, rooted in over a decade of research and experimentation. He paints a realistic picture of a future that is sustainable, inclusive of all cultures and most importantly does not compromise on flavour. It’s an education in food that you don’t know you need, until you read it. Bonus points for being beautifully written and easy to read.

We discovered The Third Plate - thanks to a friend placing it in our hands - and just fell in love. When you’re head down building your food startup and juggling the work/life thing, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. This book just reinforces our passion for HiLo turning fast food upside down and makes us feel part of a bigger movement driving change across the food industry worldwide. Which feels pretty damn good.

Hungry for more? As well as being a world-renowned chef and globally published author, Dan is also a fantastic public speaker and has featured in a couple of popular TED talks - in this one entitled “How I fell in love with a Fish” he talks about discovering a modern, unexpected solution to the problem of depleted fish stocks and its importance for our planet. We promise laughs as well as inspiration.

You can also get your Dan fix on Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ Series 1 Episode 2, watch the preview here.

If you were one of the few who enjoyed Dan’s food at the wastED pop-up in Selfridges earlier this year, well, you can feel smug for good reason.

Needless to say, a trip to Stone Barns is on our Christmas wish list. But rereading The Third Plate might be the closest we get for now at least.

Dive into HiLo Pool for tasty lunch deliveries at your workplace

 A HiLo Pool Party. Towels and forks provided, no banana hammocks please folks ;)

A HiLo Pool Party. Towels and forks provided, no banana hammocks please folks ;)

  • Our new bulk order service is your new friend with benefits 

  • Pool your resources to get HiLo the smart way

Thanks to your feedback and rising demand we are introducing a new way to get your hands on HiLo with regular bulk orders to your workplace. James Corden’s carpool karaoke is sadly not included (we’re working on it ;) but it’ll make lunch better all the same.

Get free delivery 

HiLo Pool has a minimum order of 6 pots to one location for free delivery. Pots can be ordered and paid for individually by different people in the same building, and all pots are delivered together at an agreed day/time. We waive the delivery charges, you get your pots and we all benefit from less courier emissions. Score!

Our all natural pots stays fresh 3-4 days from the day they're made in our Spitalfields kitchen (all have best before dates) so you can grab  a stash to keep you going, whether for lunch, supper or anything inbetween. Move over UberPool, THIS is the pool you really need in your life.

How to get involved

1. Contact tiffany@hilo.london to confirm HiLo Pool participation, agree delivery frequency, date and time. We’ll then create a delivery option for your workplace to select when placing orders

2. Place your order here 

  • Review the menu and choose your pots
  • Select your workplaces’ delivery option 
  • Pay for your individual order. Minimum order 1 pot per person

3. Collect your pots from your workplace lobby at the agreed day and time

The Small Print: Order deadline is 24hrs before delivery is due. Bulk orders are available 10am-12pm weekly/fortnightly/monthly. If you participate, you'll receive a reminder to order. Minimum of 6 pots ordered collectively at your workplace, per delivery; it doesn't have to be the same people every time.

Why choose HiLo

This 30 sec clip of The Trampery's Petra Hall tells you why HiLo makes her lunch better. Her lunch challenges might just resonate with yours.

Other options

You can also get HiLo by:

Lastly, a reminder we’ve paused trade at our Broadgate Circle shop, read why here. And our Old Street Station pop-up closed 03/11/17 :( 

Thanks again to Ellis Parrinder for the beaut pics of our pots. Head to his new website ellisparrinder.com and more delights.

A tough call - pausing our first retail site to help our business progress

  • Why we're closing Broadgate Circle 23/10/17

  • How customers can still get their HiLo fix

  • By Tiffany Arntson, co-founder of HiLo

This post was prompted by weeks of conversation, emails and texts between my co-founder and brother Jasper, our kitchen and management teams, advisors and customers. All to try and figure out the best way to meet and feed our audience while expanding beyond early adopters into a more mainstream community. Although the response and loyalty of our customers is phenomenal - for which we are truly grateful - we’ve yet to reach our expectations at our Broadgate Circle shop.

We remain convinced that HiLo is the future of food. We believe in what we’re doing - making food that’s delicious, nutritious and slightly seditious. Our Hi veg Lo meat pots are a stealth health strategy to drive an appetite for plant-based eating, cited as the fourth top solution to climate change by Drawdown.

Tasty, healthy, affordable, convenient and sustainable are the new benchmarks for grab and go food. Doesn’t sound much like fast food but that’s what 90% of our customers tell us they love about HiLo. The food-to-go category is set to grow by a third in the next 5 years and we’re committed to making that growth beneficial beyond financial bottom lines.

Our story so far

After three months testing and honing our lunch pots we started trading in January 2017, doing pop-ups in co-working spaces across East London. The positive response led to us providing a lunch subscription deal for hard working grafters facing long hours and high stress, who’d feel and perform better with a balanced, nutritious meal easily to hand. The deal - 3 pots for the price of 2 on a weekly £10.50 direct debit - was enabled by crudely hacking 3 online tools and crossing town on bikes, trains and yup, even a skateboard, to deliver bags of HiLo pots to our new fans.

The loyalty of our subscribers gave us the confidence to take over a pop-up in Old Street Station for a week in May. Its success indicated a more permanent retail space in a high footfall location would be a logical next step to reach more people. We only needed a small site as we can pack 400 compact pots into a fridge, and found a kiosk spot in Broadgate Circle, home to 30,000 office workers we were eager to feed.

We opened in August with a sales target of 2000 pots a week. Whilst our customer base is solid and we estimate 80% regularly buy HiLo and recommend it to colleagues and friends, we’re not hitting target. While HiLo is for everyone, it particularly resonates with meat reducers, flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans, gluten and dairy intolerant and the health conscious. However these are niche audiences and make up a minority in the Broadgate catchment. The reality is we need to expand our reach to create greater traction among thoseearly adopter audiences that have are responding to HiLo more than the more traditional Broadgate crowd. That will help us put more pots into people hands and for HiLo to thrive. After all, that’s what really fuels every business, getting people to try, buy and keeping buying the product.

With a new rising demand for wholesale we can't stretch to all the existing channels and the one that's growth is slowest is the one we're pausing.

Testing testing

Broadgate is just one of the many sales channels we’re testing to find the best routes to market. We also have a pop-up in Old Street Station for three more weeks, where sales are growing weekly. We do regular and ad-hoc deliveries on demand through our website and via third parties like Caterwings, City Pantry, Feedr and Seamless web, and are working on listing with Deliveroo and UberEats. Bulk orders are coming in for team lunches and event catering across the city. We’re proud to be chosen by Sourced Market - our first wholesale partner - now stocking HiLo in four high profile stores in Barbican, St Pancras, Marylebone and Victoria. We host lunchtime pop-ups in co-working spaces, both on an ad hoc basis and with regular slots including WeWork Moorgate, the largest co-working space in the world. We’re investigating leads for wholesale catering, launching regular HiLo pick up points in set locations, weekly bulk orders to co-working sites (bring on #LoMeatMonday and #MeatFreeMonday) and exploring a mobile shop.

There are certainly Hi’s and Lo’s to all this activity. Jasper and I are exhilarated at the response - if slightly exhausted. We couldn’t do this without our 10 strong team of committed Londoners who represent the ambition, creativity and diversity of people in this city. We couldn’t do it without our investors, who’ve enabled us to get this far and  hone an evolved business model that is sustained by a highly efficient production system that will fly at scale. And crucially, we couldn’t do it without our customers, who are deviating from their habits to try something new, to eat better, with a lighter footprint, without compromise on taste or price.

Taking stock

Whilst we value each and every customer, we have to make a tough call to help improve the chance for HiLo to reach its potential and have the impact we know it can. The outcome of our many conversations and data crunching means on Monday 23/10/17 we’re closing our Broadgate Circle shop until further notice. Although the shop won’t be open, we’ll continue to meet the needs of our loyal fans and customers who can still get their fix at our pop-up at Old Street Station, by ordering online and via lunch time pop-ups in their workplace.

If you’re a customer of our Broadgate shop, please let us know how we can make it easier to fulfill your HiLo needs or if there’s anything else you’d like to share, by contacting Tiffany.

While slightly less convenient, this decision has been made with careful consideration; we hope you understand and that this doesn’t stop you enjoying HiLo. Either way, we’d love to hear from you, whether berating us or supporting us in our HiLo adventure, as without your feedback it’s harder to anticipate your needs.

Alongside managing the sales, operations and production we’re about to start Round 4 fundraising, looking to raise £300K to continue to turn fast food upsidedown. Jasper and I are reaching out to potential investors and launching a crowdfunding campaign in November.

Although this move to pause our first retail site comes with some risks, we’ve been shown again and again that people love our food and our mission. By being this open with our partners and customers our hope is to foster an open dialogue whilst acknowledging your support.

Thank you for your time reading. We hope to feed you soon.

A reminder of how you get can your hands on HiLo

HiLo pop-up, Exit One, Old Street Station, Mon-Fri 8am-7pm

Deliveries ordered at www.hilo.london/shop We deliver to E1, E2, EC and N1. Free delivery over £30. Deliveries outside of the designated zone also available.

Event catering, bulk orders and lunchtime pop-ups (payment by card or cash) - contact Tiffany@hilo.london to book

Get your fill at SourcedMarket

Please don’t be shy about getting in touch via comments here, on our website, on @hilolondon instagram, facebook and twitter or by email: tiffany@hilo.london


Come chew the fat...on eating less meat


• Livestock farming is one of the biggest contributors to global warming

• Industrialised meat systems promote a meat heavy diet

• The impact on our bodies and our environment is not sustainable

Whether you’re thinking about it, or doing it, eating less meat is an essential element of a sustainable diet. But it’s not a diet that’s recognised by the food industry, there’s no category that helps you meet your needs on the broad spectrum between vegan and carnivore. But plant based eating is only going to grow; it’s a force of circumstance. And it’s damn tasty.

We’re teaming up with More Than Carrots, a new platform that helps curious foodies enjoy a sustainable diet featuring more vegetables and less meat. It's also a great resource to find places to eat that serve great veggie food across London, not just vegetarian or vegan restaurants.

Come join us for a good old fashioned chinwag to discuss...
- Why less meat
- Getting your protein in
- How to go about it without becoming a ‘difficult eater’
- Where to find the best Lo meat / No meat food

And try our Hi veg Lo meat flavour packed pots, including meat free deliciousness.

When: 7-9pm Wednesday 18/09/17
Where: Impact Hub Islington, 7 Dingley Place, London EC1V 8BR

Limited places, book now

All welcome, from the curious to the sceptical to the fully on board. Join the conversation and take action to tackle climate change and improve your health, one forkful at a time.

5 reasons to escape to The Escape Cafe, Old Street

Following the success of our recent pop-up we're delighted to now be stocked in this great cafe in East London.

Why you should hit ESC

  1. It’s a haven of cool calm underneath the bustle and heat of the city.
  2. Refuel with their killer coffee by Taylor St, Bluebird matcha (out-of-this-world delicious) or our fav Ugly unsweet sparkling fruit flavoured water (yes really), amongst other tasty brews.
  3. There's a little library of curious reads, so you can stop fiddling with your phone and turn some pages instead. Or chat with fellow browsers.
  4. The event schedule is packed with ammo to help you escape the city, start a business and/or find work that really matters to you. From how-to Startup Sessions to skills workshops, it’s not surprising the talks sell out fast. Scroll down here to see the schedule.
  5. It's worth a detour alone to chat with the team and manager Natalie, who also runs the life changing programmes at Escape The City

Nuff said. No surprises we're delighted HiLo is stocked here. Swing by and pick up a HiLo pot on your way into work, at lunch or after work. Eat in or take-away. But we encourage the former, it's a lush spot.

Where to find The Escape Cafe

This oasis is by exit two at Old Street Station, London EC1Y 1BE. It won’t be there forever (yes it’s a Summer pop-up courtesy of AppearHere) so enjoy it while you can.

All together now: HiHo HiLo, it's off to Escape we go...



Testing testing: A new deal to save on HiLo

We say: A flexible way to get your HiLo fill

You say: I'm flying Hi(Lo)

The joy of being a food start-up is being small and nimble enough to try different things. The challenge is finding out what sticks. While making Hi flavour Lo footprint food is the backbone of what we do, getting people to try something new is the only way it’ll actually have legs.

Our latest round of feedback shows many of you love eating HiLo and want to buy in bulk a lot of the time. But being mobile workers and travelling lots means you can’t always commit to buying 3 pots weekly, so the 342 deal doesn’t work for everyone. We’re keen to feed as many of you as we can so we’re testing a new offer, inspired by Frequent Flyers Club, manifesting as Frequent Buyers Club. See what we did there.

The deal

- 25% discount, minimum order 2 pots (£10)
- No upper limit, order as many pots as you want for yourself / your team (remember HiLo pots stay fresh for 3-4 days)
- Free delivery on Mondays before 12pm at our delivery hubs or within 5 mins walk

The terms

- You need to buy a minimum of 3 times per month to qualify for 25% discount
- Card payment only (no Direct Debit)
- Invite only, the discount only works with your email address

Our delivery hubs

WeWork Primrose Street EC2A 2EX                                               WeWork Waterhouse Square EC1N 2SW                                       WeWork Old Street N1 6DR                                                                       Huckletree Finsbury Square EC2A 1AH                                       Trampery Republic E14 2BE                                                       Trampery Old Street EC1V 9EY                                                       Chapel Place EC2A 3DQ                                                                 Heron Tower EC2N 4AY                                                                       The Office Group, Whitechapel E1 7QA                                               The Office Group, Borough SE1 1JA                                          

Order deadline for Monday deliveries is 6pm every Sunday. As well as saving you cashola, by pre-ordering HiLo you’re helping reduce food waste as we only make what’s been ordered. Hi fives all round. 

How to try FBC

Click here, quote FBC and we'll add your email to the list. We’re testing FBC now and throughout the summer so would love to know what you think. Contact Jasper with any queries. Here’s to flying Hi(Lo).



Hitch a lift for free delivery

Your pots can hitch a lift for free delivery

No strings, no extra charge

High Fives to the Sharing Economy

Our biggest learning from last week’s pop-up sounds obvious: get your food into as many mouths as possible. Duh, right?

We’re doing our utmost to secure another retail presence, scouring the City and East London for another pop-up site and/or a more permanent spot (suggestions welcome). Meanwhile, you can order online, subscribe + save or book via Uber Eats. We’re also hosting Pot Parties in workplaces across the ‘hood, giving people the chance to try and buy (book one now).

Be a HiLo Hitchhiker

As we already make deliveries to our 342 subscribers, we’ve been working on how we can leverage those existing delivery routes to make it even easier for you to eat better. And this is what we’ve cooked up for those of you who like HiLo but don’t need a weekly subscription.

We currently deliver before midday on Mondays to the below locations. If you are based in these buildings or are less than a 5mins walk from them, your order can hitch a lift via our regular weekly drops, for no extra charge.

WeWork Primrose Street EC2A 2EX                                               WeWork Waterhouse Square EC1N 2SW                                       WeWork Old Street N1 6DR                                                                       Huckletree Finsbury Square EC2A 1AH                                       Trampery Republic E14 2BE                                                       Trampery Old Street EC1V 9EY                                                       Chapel Court EC2A 3DQ                                                                 Heron Tower EC2N 4AY                                                                       The Office Group, Whitechapel E1 7QA                                               The Office Group, Borough SE1 1JA 

How to get in on the action

All you need to do is order, select the relevant delivery hub and after adding payment, add a note with your actual nearby address. Orders must be placed by 6pm Sunday in order to make the delivery slot. But if it’s later than that, contact us and we’ll do our best to sort it.

We want to encourage new orders, so please spread the word to people you know who are based in these locations, there's a 'share' button below. We’re really grateful for your support.

For us it’s not about making money from delivery charges but covering our costs and being inventive to provide added value to our customers. 

Who says there's no such thing as a free ride. Pass it on.



We're Popping Up at Old Street Station

Today we open a pop-up in Old Street Station

Exit One, Monday 15 /05-Friday 19/05, 7.30am-7pm

It's all systems go-go-go at HiLo HQ. With just four days between seeing the space and setting up shop, it’s been a quick decision with a super fast turnaround. Aaaah or Argh, these are the joys of a startup. 

Our pop-up at Patio did a great job in showing that once people try our pots they’re sold, as beautifully articulated by our regulars Petra and Charlie. So we needed to find a location with higher footfall to work at scale, ideally not too far from our new friends at Finsbury Square. And while it was interesting to experiment with a smart vending machine at Patio, there’s a bunch of kinks that need ironing out before it’s going to be efficient and effective for us. So in the hunt for a physical retail space, it’s on to pastures new.

All natural, no nasties and NEVER boring

Reckon that sums up what’s in our pots AND the folks around Old Street. As a hub for all kinds of creative agencies, tech enterprises and co-working spaces (hello friends at Trampery, The Office Group, WeWork and The Boutique Workplace) we’re keen to feed as many people as we can over the next five days. Here’s the lowdown, think of it as forkplay (sorry)...

All pots £5, card or cash
Say the magic words “Stir It Up” and get 10% off
7.30am - 7pm
Mon 15/05 - Fri 19/05
Exit One, Old Street Station

Swing by...

  • Before work - pick up a pot before a busy day and pop in your office fridge for later
  • During lunch hours - for a balanced meal with up to 3 of your 5 a day packed in
  • After work, before play - a sustaining bite before your evening antics
  • If you’re working late - refuel and revive, your brain and body will thank you

How you can help

We’re on a mission to make it easier to eat better, starting with people in offices who work at a desk all day, with long hours and high stress. Relate much?! If you, or anyone you know, fit this description, please head our way. We won’t get heavy, we’ll just provide the good stuff. 


What’s cooking at Old Street

8 banging pots: 3 meat free, 7 gluten free, 7 dairy free. Prepare for your flavour invasion...

Cocoa Veg ChilliPot w/ mixed peppers, cucumber, chipotle
Smokey, Sultry, Spicy
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Nut Free / Meat Free / Lo Cal / Lo Fat / Lo Sat Fat / 3 of your 5 a day  370kCal

Jerk Chicken RicePot w/ coconut, mixed peppers, scotch bonnet chilli
Fruity, Punchy, Juicy
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Nut Free / Hi Protein / Hi Energy / 2 of your 5 a day  / 585kCal

Napoli Sausage + Fennel PastaPot w/ white beans, tomato, black pepper
Peppery, Chunky, Crisp
Dairy Free / Nut Free / Hi Protein / Hi Energy / Lo Fat / 3 of your 5 a day / 465kCal

Satay Tofu + Coconut RicePot w/ cucumber, green beans, peanuts
Nutty, Saucy, Crunchy
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Meat Free / Hi Energy / Lo Sat Fat / 3 of your 5 a day/ 560kCal

Soy Chicken + Shiitake RicePot w/ tenderstem broccoli, green beans, sesame
Umami, Succulent, Earthy
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Nut Free / Hi Protein / Hi Energy / 2 of your 5 a day / 500kCal

Soy Tofu + Shiitake RicePot w/ tenderstem broccoli, green beans, sesame
Umami, Succulent, Earthy
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Nut Free / Meat Free / Hi Energy / Lo Sat Fat/ 2 of your 5 a day / 455kCal

Tikka Chicken + Pilau RicePot w/ green beans, cumin, paprika
Spiced, Aromatic, Fresh
Gluten Free / Nut Free / Hi Protein / Lo Fat / 2.5 of your 5 a day / 515kCal

Vietnamese Chicken + Vermicelli SaladPot w/ carrot, cucumber, mint
Zesty, Slurpy, Fragrant
Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Hi Energy / Lo Sat Fat / 2 of your 5 a day / 580kCal

Make some room for stealth health and pass the pot (no inhaling).