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Big tasty lunch pots from £5
Up to 5 of your 5 a day in 1 pot
All natural, stays fresh for 3-4 days
Flavours from multi-cultural London
No boring bites
New ratio of Hi Veg Lo Meat
More locally sourced fresh veg
Less but better free-range meat
And lots V / VE / GF / DF pots
Welcome to stealth health

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+ How to contact the HiLo team

Feedback is our backbone. We’re hungry to know what you think, what pot gives you pow, or not, and what gets you talking. Don’t hesitate to get in touch via this form or to contact us directly: jasper@hilo.london / 07970517023

+ Why HiLo?

In our always-on world we’re faced with endless decisions
Figuring out how to eat better just adds to the brain ache
And healthy is synonymous with dull, faddy and expensive
It’s more of a turn-off than a turn-on

So people default to their familiar
With industrialised meat systems that make it easy to eat lots of meat
Yet livestock farming is a major contributor to global warming
The impact on our bodies and our environment is not sustainable
We have to create a new normal for eating better
Diet is the decider in our ability to create the future we want

Which sounds rather dry and unpalatable
So we pack in flavour and texture
Wrapped up in lip smacking fun
To close the gap between the aspiration to eat better
And the reality you want

+ Who are the people behind the pots?

Sibling food fanatics who stir it up, dig deep and dive in
Jasper Wight - business development, production, food hacker. AKA KingPot
Tiffany Arntson - brand / comms / sales

+ Why are the pots sold/delivered cold?

Because office buildings have kitchens equipped with microwaves and fridges. Our premise is to use the facilities already available to you and focus our energies on making the pots delicious and getting them into your hands. Plus all the best parties happen in the kitchen.

+ Where is the tastiness in my pot?

At the bottom. If you don’t stir it up and dig deep you won’t mix the layers and get maximum pow in your mouth. The layers are the secret to the longevity of the pots, keeping bite and freshness amped up.

+ What's with the microwaves?

Microwaves are one of the healthiest ways to cook, preserving vitamins, nutrients and flavour. We’re not scientists but here’s the shorthand on microwaves and radiation...

Radiation is the emission (sending out) of energy from any source. The kind to worry about is ionising radiation – why the operator leaves the room when they x-ray your broken arm.
The kind to worry less about is non-ionising radiation – the kind in our microwaves, mobile phones, wifi, bluetooth and contactless payments: basically in all the wirefree parts of modern life.

Read more about microwave radiation here and comparative emissions from microwaves and mobile phone here

The bigger risk is a microwave overheating your food, drying it out and burning your mouth. Ouch. Not fun. See how to avoid it in Pot Tip #1.